Kickstarter Update

The Hope and the Tension of Crowd Funding

I can’t lie. Crowd funding is hard mentally.

You depend on your friends and family, on strangers who hear about your project for the first time. You HOPE for support.

And there’s a certain tension - because Kickstarter is all or nothing. Unless you fund fully, you get nothing.

Amazing Kirkus Review

I was thrilled to get the first review on THE PLAN FOR THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE from Kirkus. It said, “Pattison’s text begs to be read aloud and Joven’s spreads offer dynamic visuals…

Wow! That’s a great review.

With six days left, the project is 66% funded. Another way to say it is that I need about 50 supporters, and right now, there are 33 supporters. In the next six days, I’ll need to pick up another 17 supporters.

I’ve one or two other promotional opportunities left! And there’s plenty of HOPE left!

Learn to Write a Children’s Picture Book

Scroll down the rewards and check out the different options. I offer an online video course, “How to Write a Children’s Picture Book.” Once a year, on April Fool’s Day, I discount it by a third. But I never put it half price. Until now. As an exclusive reward on this Kickstarter project, you can get the course for half off. Look for the SCHOOLHOUSE reward level!

Would you join the crowd that funds this book? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.