As usual, so much to absorb. You always tell it like it is, and I appreciate that, and that you continually point us in learning directions. But one thing I'd like to ask, how much of your income comes from your books? How much comes from your teaching and other creatives? All I want is to at least break even. Something I've noticed is how many authors (not only in childrens books) write how-tos and such if they have had any success and I can't help but wonder if they don't make more here than in their chosen genre? Not for me. I love the picture book. But picture books also seem to be the most expensive genre to produce. I managed to get five books published before the holidays and had big plans for marketing them; a couple books signings, a couple small craft fairs. Then life stepped in. So here I sit wondering if I have missed the boat? Is it ever too late in indie?

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It's true that many who start publishing in children's books turn to providing services for others who want to publish. This blog and occasional teaching spots (Highlights, Storytellers Academy) is the only "service" type thing that brings in income. 80-90% of my six-figure income is from selling books. I don't want to be a full-time school or full-time service person. My goal remains to write, publish, and sell children's books.

Publishing five books is amazing! Even if today's marketing is derailed, you now have a good start on a backlist that can continue to sell for "your lifetime plus seventy years." You're not late! You've got a good start from which to build.

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