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I’ve been threatening to write a book about how to indie publish a children’s book. I’m finally going to do it, chapter by chapter, on this website.

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We’ll talk about indie publishing children’s books: writing, editing, layout & design, publishing, advertising, and sales. Anything the indie publishing world talks about is fair game, but we’ll spin it for children’s books.

If you hear about this layout or that marketing, will it apply to children’s books? Maybe. Maybe not. We have a unique market which requires us to do things OUR way. Come read, comment, and help me create a resource for those coming behind us.

Why I’m qualified to write this!

I’ve been publishing since 2008, mostly a workbook for The Novel Revision Retreat, a class that I’ve taught nationwide. But six years ago, in 2013, I got serious about publishing my children’s books. Since then, I’ve published about 30 books with some great results. Here’s some highlights of the Mims House Books publishing program:

  • Four NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books of the Year

  • Starred reviews: PW and Kirkus

  • One NCTE Notable Children’s Book in Language Arts

  • Two Junior Library Guild selections

  • Eureka! NonFiction Honor Book from the California Reading Association

  • Chinese translations - four-book series

  • Korean translations - one book and then a six-book series.

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Darcy Pattison
Children’s book author and indie publisher Darcy Pattison writes award-winning fiction and non-fiction books for children. See her books at MimsHouseBooks.com